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eNERGY Blockchain Is The Next Big Wave For Renewable Energy​

eNERGY Blockchain has served as on-the-go-to platform for the online currencies that have created a lot of hype as an alternative form of legal tender. Whilst they are often mentioned in the same breath, eNERGY blockchain is far more than just a platform for cryptocurrency. While energy-intensive cryptocurrency mining has caused a spike in carbon emissions, blockchain is a blank canvas capable of driving innovation in the field of green technology . eNERGYPRENEURS and startups and major companies alike are looking to unlock the potential that blockchain holds to catalyze the transition to green energy.

The decentralization of energy systems democratizes information and allows individuals to make their better-informed decisions. As a tool, blockchain smart grids could help to reduce inequality and provide cheaper, cleaner energy to both areas with developed electricity grids and those lacking any energy access. Blockchain could be one of the many solutions to long term reduction of carbon emissions and help promote sustainable development across the world.

eNERGY Blockchain is ready for Energy Credit System - set out the various blockchain-based (for permissioned, private ledgers) use cases – such as energy credit management, the promotion of green energy, asset optimization, payments within micro-grids, prepaid smart meters and payments to distributed generation asset owners.

Join us to promote energy democratizes!

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