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eNERGY Electric vehicle sharing power station intelligent power exchange platform is a smart energy ecosystem 

eNERGY intelligent power exchange platform is a smart energy ecosystem based on IoT software and hardware integration technology independently developed and put into operation by Leading “Internet of Things Energy Sharing Service Platform”, reconstructing the traditional artificial  charging mode into an unattended automatic power-changing system and a zero-cost ladder utilization system, effectively reducing lithium battery pollution and resource waste, achieving
green travel and low Carbon, environmental protection, energy saving goals. Realize the intelligentization, standardization and sharing of energy through the Internet of Things and the Internet of Vehicles technology to realize the intelligentization of urban distributed energy.

eNERGY One-stop solution
A full set of technology independent research and development, from hardware design, software development, project consulting, technical services, senior software and hardware engineers, years of research and development experience, to provide you with one-stop solution!

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